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6 essentials for the ultimate home office this summer

If you’re regularly working from home or squeezing in a few hours from the bach, setting up a dedicated home office space can make a huge difference. With the right furniture and set up you'll separate calm from chaos and achieve the ultimate home office.

10 best Scandinavian inspired interior ideas for spring

Contemporary european interiors incorporate minimalist furniture that’s relaxed and comfortable. Perfect for modern laid back New Zealand homes. Get the look this spring with 10 style ideas you’ll love to steal.

8 Genius tips to organise your living room

We all have times when clutter gets on top of us. But getting your living area organised creates a serene and inviting space where you can truly relax. Check out these genius tips for getting organised and you'll have everything ship shape in no time.  


The magic of eating together around the dinner table

For those of us who regularly eat together around the dinner table it is reportedly one of the happiest parts of our day. Children have better health, achievement and wellbeing and we all feel more connected when we come together to eat. What is it about eating together that has such a positive impact on us?

How to arrange your living room for 'wow' factor

If there's one room that has an almost infinite capacity to provide 'wow' factor, it's your living room. Here are a few simple tips from the professionals to help you arrange your living room for maximum impact as well as everyday comfort.



How to buy a sofa that will last a lifetime


If you're buying a new sofa you'll want to make sure you get the most from your investment. Before you make your choice, there's a few things to consider to ensure you have a stylish piece of furniture you can be proud of for years to come.



10 easy ways to style your sofa for a brand new look

Whether you’re watching a family movie with the kids, or indulging in a deep and meaningful with someone special over a glass of wine, it’s likely that you’ll be curled on the couch. As winter rolls in and we start to spend more time indoors, a cosy sofa becomes even more appealing. If you’re craving a new look this winter, there are lots of simple things you can do to restyle your sofa.

Can Furniture Shopping Really Ruin Your Relationship?

Big furniture purchases, especially those you're going to be living with in your home every day for a significant period of time can be fraught. Colour and style are both really personal and subjective things. It's not surprising it can be difficult for couples to agree. We've got a solution that will keep your relationship intact, and help create a stylish new look for your home interior.

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