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Restore Series

Thoughtful Storage: Restore Series

“Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong. Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out.” Marie Kondō, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Chris Heard, Managing Director of Bauhaus says that as people tend to have a lot of ‘stuff’, it’s important to have storage solutions. “Apartments don’t come with an attic and older houses have no built in storage at all, so people need to find a space for things that can otherwise clutter up their living area,” he says. Furthermore, he says these days, there is an increasing desire to get organised, “Credit to Marie Kondo for inspiring people towards home organisation. Having a ‘space’ for things means you don’t waste precious minutes looking for them.”

The Muuto Restore Series by Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen bring a stylish new perspective to practical storage baskets, which are ideal used beside the sofa, in the bedroom or office, or even as drawers in a bookcase or storage cube. "Baskets have always had a multi-functional presence in Scandinavian culture, aided by their various sizes and shapes. The Restore Series was about identifying vast amount of needs within the design and shaping a playful and contemporary shape around them," remarks Tolvanen.

The Restore Series is produced from an innovative eco friendly material that uses recycled PET fibres from plastic bottles. The result is a soft felt texture that looks elegant and is strong enough to retain its shape. Mika Tolvanen says, "Softly rounded shapes were quite uncommon in storage, prompting me to explore this for the design as a way of easing up its expression."

The  Restore Series consists of three different sizes: Restore Basket, Restore Tray and Restore Round Basket and is available in a stunning contemporary colour palette to suit any space.

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